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Oxford Christmas Hampers

by on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Christmas BoardHampers

Taylors Hampers are available all year round, but at Christmas time, are even more popular.
Everyone loves to receive a hamper and, with the huge selection of carefully selected products available at Taylors, there is sure to be something to suit all tastes.

A selection of readymade Hampers, ranging in price from £20 – £100, will be available in store from mid-November onwards. Or, if you prefer, you can create your own Bespoke Hamper. Simply select your tray size or wicker basket and fill with the products of your choice.

Trays come in 3 sizes – small (£6-50), medium (£11) and large (£16). Wicker baskets range from £20 – £45. The price includes the making up of your tray or basket into a stunning, gift-wrapped hamper. Add to this the cost of the products you choose for your overall price. Alternatively, tell us how much you wish to spend and we will create a hamper for you.

Hampers can be made for you either while you wait (depending how busy the store is) or for you to collect at a later time convenient to you. Multiple orders would require a little more notice.

Taylors Hampers are available at the following stores:-

Taylors, 31 St. Giles, Oxford
Taylors, 239a Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford
Taylors, 10 Elms Parade, Botley, Oxford
Fasta Pasta, The Covered Market, Oxford (only readymade, wicker hampers available)

You might also like to know how Taylors source their hamper packaging. The card trays and shredded paper filler are made from recycled materials. The wicker is natural, responsibly sourced and grown sustainably, with no artificial stains or harmful chemicals used.
The company we use have planted, and now manage, over 30,000 trees on 61 acres of land (each tree planted with every order they received). The trees are set to absorb around 319 tonnes of CO₂ every year.

Hampers in Taylors

Hamper on table

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